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R.LEGACY is an open and continuous appreciation letter to our community, a formal invitation into other people’s lives, a window into our culture.

We’re a multimedia company focusing on exposing and documenting the lives and legacies of creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs of the African Diaspora.

Through research, in-depth interviews, compelling visuals, and helpful articles, our mission is to provide knowledge and inspire our community. Join us! Sign up for our newsletter, follow our other social channels. Let’s start discovering our legacies together. #rlegacy

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A podcast empowering today’s generation of go-getters on their journey to becoming a boss.

Nothing’s off the table. We’ll discuss everything career, personal development related while learning the keys to living like a boss from our esteemed guests.

It’s not a title, it’s a lifestyle. Bosshood is the state of becoming a boss—we like to think of it as the transitional years between graduating from college and becoming a CEO. Bosshood is a community. We’re excited to learn, love, transform and uplift one another.

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