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Check out this week’s business news you should know and tools to keep you sharp on your game.

Actress, Director and overall superstar Regina King graces the cover of Marie Claire and discusses her career journey thus far, what it takes to stay ahead and her excitement to venture into a new theatrical genre––the superhero. Read More

We all know the benefits of ‘the gram’ for personal and professional development. While content distribution and access to audiences is becoming more democratized, creators and businesses need tips that will take them to the next level. Here are a few features Instagram introduced in 2019 that are great for business. Read More

Creators and businesses understand the need to have a direct communication channel with their audience. Email has always been a great channel for fostering that connection and has recently had a surge in usage and relevance. Here are a few pros and cons to consider for building and retaining your email audience. Read More

Every millennial and Gen Z individual tapped into the online space knows the importance of a caption. Overall, copy is one of the most important aspects of a creative campaign because it creates understanding and drives action. You need to know how to write great, catching headlines and captions. Here’s some times that can help you become that copywriting pro. Read More