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Illustration by Malte Mueller of Black Person whose hair is cover their face and the background has illustrated mouths scattered throughout

Facebook Empowers Racism Against Its Employees of Color. Facebook still has a black people problem. And a problem with individual contributors who are not white. Read More

Actress Monique pictured from the neck up leaning over to one side appearing to be in mid-sentence

Actress Mo’Nique suing Netflix for race, gender discrimination. The lawsuit claims Mo’Nique was “given a low-ball offer that was only a fraction of what Netflix paid other comedians.” via NBC News

Twitter CEO speaking into a microphone with an image of the White House behind him

Twitter bans political ads ahead of 2020 election Read more


Dancers performing Solange’s new site-specific performance “Bridge-s” at Getty Center Museum

Solange’s New Performance Piece, Staged in the Getty’s Breathtaking Landscape: A first look at Solange’s upcoming performance “Bridge-s,” which will be paired with a curated series of short films and talks at the Getty this weekend. Read more from Hyperallergic.