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For The Community

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A Home Away From Home

As a Black- and Queer-owned business, their mission is rooted in activism and equity. This led Jess and Cara Jackson to open their home for education, activism and community. Get a sneak peak at our interview with the founders.

For The Community

In Conversation with Copper House Co-Founders Jess and Cara Jackson

Copper House Detroit

Named after copper an essential healing metal, Copper House Detroit is a Detroit based community center where cannabis can be accesses safely and amongst community. With affordable prices for space rental, Copper House serves as a 420 freindly get away for oneself, a couple of friends, or a large party up to 30 (as space is available). Copper House is Black and Queer owned and takes pride in making their haven a retreat for all, especially the Black and Queer community.

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